With a flexible and customized methodology already proven with many clients, we are your privilegied partner

At Doteam Executive Search, our added value comes from our perspective to consider each mission in a single comprehensive manner. We evaluate the issues related to the integration of the employee required, and what he or she will bring to your organization and the development of your business. Once the objectives of the mission and the required position have been clearly defined, we complete the portrait of the ideal candidate according to personality and the ability to add value to other employees and also internal or external customers.
We take care in our meetings, to address all issues related to the joint project. We take our time with a calm, open exchange and great attention to detail! Which very often opens the door to possibilities hitherto unsuspected both with our clients and our candidates. We follow the rules of conduct related to each stage of the process: information about the job (job description), privacy during direct approaches and clear exchanges throughout the mission.
By trusting DOTEAM Executive Search, you are assured of a bespoke recruitment process including :

  • The perspective of the issues and dedicated strategies for recruiting.
  • Research (head hunting / other means) and selection of target profiles and possibly ones that are “outside of scope” but relevant.
  • Accompaniment of the candidate’s reflection and expression of their project.
  • A confidentiality in accordance with our code of ethics.

Our human resource professionals will utilise all their professional skills to ensure you have a sustainable and quality recruitment in accordance with the specific requirements of the post every time.

Our methodology for researching the ideal candidate can be expressed through different approaches, depending on the specifics of each mission:

  • Web-tracking and CV posts on different job boards…
  • Direct approach (head hunting), professional networks and schools.
  • Recruitment by ads on specific media.