Doteam Executive Search is a French headhunting agency located in Paris, specialising in the recruitment of Top and Middle Managers, mainly in the industry or service sector.

We focus on finding the perfect fit for Top level Executive or Expert positions in your organisation.

Our team has developed extensive knowledge and experience in matching companies ’needs, taking into account your culture and values, for key recruitment of Senior Executives, Experts and Leaders able to steer major transformations of your organisation.

Our service is totally transparent and you will have access to check how well we are progressing with your assignment, meaning you are always fully in control and fully informed on progress.

Mandated by our customers in the placement of permanent professionals with high added value, we are involved in the following sectors:


  • Industry,
  • Engineering,
  • Supply Chain,

Service sector

  • B to B services,
  • Associations, Foundations, NGO,
  • Public.


  • Construction-Real Estate,
  • Facility management,


  • Hospitality
  • Luxury and leisure,

We can also offer assistance in the recruitment of complete teams, for example when creating a service or the establishment of a project team. Our approaches (head-hunting and the direct approach) are particularly suitable for confidential research and strategic recruitment and oriented towards profiles with high added value!


In a labour market which is constantly evolving and subject to strong competition, your ability to adapt to changes in your area is your best guarantee of success.


At Doteam Executive Search we combine our passion for human resources with our cutting edge sectoral expertise. We have one objective: to find the best candidates for you and so ensure the success of your business.

We believe that your new rising stars will be your greatest strength.

Our thorough knowledge of the professionals from our centers of excellence as well as our targeted recruitment processes will be crucial to finding the key staff who will put their talent to work for you.

We make it our business to see each mission as unique, correlated with a strategy that’s tied to our clients’ expectations and the sector in question. Because of the experience we have gained during our many missions, we can offer you the right solution to meet your needs precisely. This means that you are guaranteed a professional, optimized service that will seek out, persuade, and recruit expert staff wherever they might be. We also guarantee complete confidentiality where it is required.

We cover all areas of the recruitment process. We analyze the post to be filled within your organization, write the job description, devise the search strategy, then target, approach, and select the candidates via the relevant networks. Every stage takes place with the active collaboration of the candidates and your teams via reporting at the pace you desire.

We provide support during final decision making to optimize the expertise of the chosen candidates and integrate them into your teams.