Our team

We apply the skills acquired in Headhunting recruitment companies together with a methodology specific to the company, our consultants, while assisted by experienced researchers, identify and qualify the managers who will join a COMEX or a first line -middle or top management- team.

We strive to understand, in a transparent manner, the challenges, strengths and weaknesses of a specific organization as, once the required skills have been validated, we wish to integrate the optimum candidates in line with our clients’ corporate culture and values,.

Our team consequently approaches candidates with an open, positive and targetted communication to ensure a high-quality exchange.

This is facilitated by our in-depth knowledge of how our clients’ organisations operate and enables us to detect, in an innovative way, employees who will become true agents of transformation to support large-scale projects.

We adopt a pragmatic and responsive approach to accomplish each of our assignments, while enhancing the strategic impact of recruiting the specific profile.

We are thus able to provide leaders and managers with the necessary insights to understand the different target profiles and guarantee the success of the assignment.

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